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Where can I stay with LEGOLANDholidays?

At LEGOLANDholidays you can choose between a number of good offers: 


  • Hotels and inns (36 within 60 kilometres of LEGOLAND).
  • Hostels (a total of 3 within 35 kilometres of LEGOLAND). 
  • Camping cottages (in 13 campsites in the area). 
  • Holiday Centres (a total of 6 holiday centres and cottage centres in the area)


Your booking options
You can book a single night, two nights or any other number of nights where ever you want. LEGOLANDholidays offers a wide range of options. If you take advantage of one of our family offers, the passes for LEGOLAND are included. This is apparent from the description.
General information
LEGOLANDholidays uses an online booking system. You just have to enter the date of your arrival and departure as well as the number of persons to get an overview of the available kinds of accommodation in the selected time period. The price will appear as well.
How do I find the best solution for my family?
In order to see the available offers, please enter the requested arrival date, number of nights and persons – and click on “Search”. Now you will get the complete list of the available places of accommodation. You can adjust your wishes in the search fields on the left. For instance, it is possible to find the places of accommodation within a certain distance from LEGOLAND – just enter the max. distance to LEGOLAND in the search field and click on “Search” – the computer will take of the rest.
REMEMBER that only the first 3 offers are shown. In order to see all of them please click on “All offers from XXXX”.

Which LEGOLAND packages can I choose from:
LEGOLAND package incl. 2 days at LEGOLAND
Not only do you get a good offer on the overnight stay but also a discount on your tickets to LEGOLAND. In hotels, inns and hostels breakfast is included in the price whereas this is not the case at camp sites or in apartments. However, here you have your own kitchen. You may visit LEGOLAND twice within 7 days.
Combi package incl. 2 days at LEGOLAND and 1 day at Givskud Zoo
The total experience including a discount on the overnight stay, visits to LEGOLAND and Givskud Zoo. A minimum of 2 nights are required but you are free to combine the visits as you please.
Without tickets
Naturally it is also possible to book an overnight stay without tickets.

If the tickets are not included you may purchase them at the place of accommodation.


Tickets to LEGOLAND are included in our LEGOLAND package.

Please note that the discount on the 2 day passes is valid only if you get them at your place of accommodation before you go to LEGOLAND
I am not ready to book yet – what other options do I have?
In order to complete your booking you have to fill in the booking form and confirm your booking twice. So please feel free to browse our website for as long as you want. Remember that your booking is not complete yet. You must fill in the booking form and confirm your booking twice to complete it. 
Are passes to LEGOLAND included?
Passes to LEGOLAND are included only if you take advantage of our family offers. Each time you conduct a search, the system will inform you as to whether passes to LEGOLAND are included. LEGOLAND. When you order the passes in advance, you do not have to stand in line when you arrive at LEGOLAND.
How to search for a specified number of persons
The rooms in the hotels and the inns provide accommodation for two adults and two children. As a general rule, four adults cannot be accommodated in one of these rooms. As a general rule, there is no distinction between adults and children in regard to camping cottages and holiday centres. However, exceptions do occur. The details appear in the description of each place of accommodation.
Children below the age of 3
Unless otherwise stated in the description, children below the age of 3 years sleep in the parents’ bed free of charge. Extra beds for the children are usually available for a small fee. As a general rule meals for children are not included in the price, but must be settled directly with your place of accommodation.
Several families travelling together
The options you get when you conduct a search are intended for families. In a hotel or an inn, four adults usually cannot expect to be accommodated in a single room. Instead you have to book two double rooms. Unfortunately, it is only possible to book several rooms by booking them one at a time. When booking, please inform us that you are booking several rooms. Further, please let us know whom the rooms are intended for. The places of accommodation will try to place you close to each other, but we cannot make any guarantees.
When do I have to pay?
When you book a camping cottage, a holiday home or an apartment at a holiday centre, you will receive a rental contract directly from the place of accommodation. The enclosed paying-in form must be paid before your arrival. When you stay in a hotel, an inn or a hostel, payment is due on arrival or departure. Use your credit card to confirm a booking at a hotel, an inn or a hostel. Your credit card information will only be used to confirm your booking. The booking form is encrypted and as it is send via a secure SSL line, there is no risk that unauthorized persons get access to your data entries. Please note that bookings at LEGOLAND Village must be paid in advance. 
Cancellation / alteration
You may cancel your stay if problems occur. If you have booked a camping cottage, hostal or an apartment at a holiday centre, you have contracted with the specific place of accommodation. Please refer to your rental contract for the terms and conditions of cancellation. If you have booked a holiday home, please refer to your rental contract for the terms and conditions of cancellation or contact our partner,
Feline Holidays holiday homes Denmark at +45 87 42 22 51 or send your inquiry to info@feline.dk. If you have booked a room in at hotel / inn you may cancel the booking as late as 6 p.m. the day before your arrival – there will be a handling fee of DKK 200,- pr. alteration/cancellation. If you cancel the booking at a later time, the place of accommodation is entitled to charge you for one night. To cancel, call LEGOLAND holidays at +45 3066 4263 or mail: info@LEGOLAND holidays.dk.
Late arrivals
Hotels, inns and hostels reserve the room for you until 6 p.m., unless you have agreed on a later time of arrival. After 6 p.m. the place of accommodation is entitled to rent the room to another family. If you arrive later than 6 p.m., it is crucial to inform your place of accommodation of this fact. Otherwise there is a risk that your room is no longer available.
If you have booked a camping cottage or an apartment at a holiday centre at such a late point of time, that it has not been possible to process the paying-in forms, our partners will not be able to register your payment. In these cases it is also crucial to contact the provider ahead of your arrival to make sure that your room is not rented to another family. 
I do not feel comfortable with the Internet and online booking
Please contact our callcenter at +45 96234795 or send your inquiry to
info@LEGOLANDholidays.dk. The office is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday only to 4 p.m.  
LEGOLANDholidays only acts as an agent on behalf of our partners, who provide the products shown on this website. Your data entries are encrypted and forwarded to the provider, with whom you enter into the final rental agreement. 
All of the information on
www.LEGOLANDholidays.dk has been received from the different providers. LEGOLANDholidays assumes no responsibility in regard to the accuracy of the information received from the providers. Hence, you cannot make any demand of compensation in regard to errata and omissions in the information received from the providers. This also applies to entry errors. If you find inadequate or incorrect information on www.LEGOLANDholidays.dk, please feel free to contact LEGOLANDholidays.
Your data
entries Your data entries are stored at LEGOLANDholidays in order to process your booking, compile statistics etc. Further, your data entries will be passed to the provider in question. LEGOLAND Holidays  will not pass your data entries on to anyone else than the provider in question.