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What does Smart Stay mean?
Every day we have a certain number of rooms in selected hotels available that are offered at an extremely low price. Once such rooms have been booked out, the normal list price will be valid again. Thus, the principle „The early bird gets the worm“ shall be valid here. The offer is valid for max. 2 adults and 2 children of up to 12 years.



How do I get my tickets for LEGOLAND?
In case of a reservation on our LEGOLAND Holidays website, you will receive a registration email immediately upon the reservation made. Once your reservation has been accepted, you will automatically get an email including the booking confirmation as well as an email with regard to the tickets for the LEGOLAND Park included in the package. You can either print out the tickets or download them to your smartphone, as described in the email. Unless you receive a provisional confirmation of the reservation made within 24 hours, the email account indicated may be wrong. In such case, you are requested to contact us by email or telephone, so that the fault can be remedied and the registration email / booking confirmation sent again.



How do I get my tickets for the Givskud Zoo?
If you have also bought tickets for the Givskud Zoo on the occasion of your reservation, please collect the latter at your accommodation facility. Unfortunately, we cannot see our way in sending off any tickets for the Givskud Zoo in advance.



Can I use my tickets prior to my check-in?
Yes, you can. Once your reservation has been accepted and you have received the final booking confirmation, you will get an email including your two-day tickets for LEGOLAND. On your arrival day you are allowed to visit the park as of 10,00 a.m. However, your room/your cabin will only be available for you as of 3,00 p.m. in the afternoon.



Do you have any package offers with tickets for Lalandia?
In case of booking an accommodation at Lalandia through LEGOLAND Holidays you will have free access to Lalandia´s water park Aquadome and to Monky Tonky Land on all days. Additionally, you will get a free two-day ticket for LEGOLAND. If you are accommodated outside of Lalandia, you shall buy the ticket at the entrance of Lalandia.



Can I get a reimbursement of the price for any LEGOLAND or Givskud Zoo tickets not used?
No. Unfortunately, the price of the tickets not used cannot be reimbursed.

Can I use my free tickets in connection with a reservation through you?
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use your free tickets for a reservation through LEGOLAND Holidays.We only have package offers including the tickets for all persons over 3 years. Unfortunately, we cannot see our way in taking out any tickets from the package offer.


Why am I not able to book without any tickets or only with a day ticket?
In case of a reservation of an accommodation through us a ticket for two days at the price of a day ticket will be included for all persons over 3 years indicated in the reservation, that means the second day being free of charge.

We only sell package offers with tickets. If you only intend to book an accommodation, you should directly contact your desired accommodation facility.

What costs will incur in case of a cancellation of my booking /change in my booking?
You may cancel your accommodation if you do not start on your journey. For an accommodation in holiday resorts, youth hostels and cabins a rental agreement will be concluded which indicates the cancellation conditions. A reservation in a hotel and inn may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to your arrival for a fee of DKK 200.00. If the cancellation is made later than 48 hours prior to your arrival, the hotel may claim the room rate for the first night, however, at least DKK 200.00. A cancellation can be made with LEGOLAND Holidays by phone+45 9623 4792 or by email to info@LEGOLANDholidays.dk

Please note!!! The overnight stay at Hotel LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Pirates´ Inn and LEGOLAND Wild West Cottages &Camping MAY be cancelled, however, the price will NOT be reimbursed unless you
took out a cancellation insurance at the time of your reservation.

Which overnight accommodations can be booked with LEGOLAND Holidays?
LEGOLAND Holidays offers four accommodation types:
• Hotels and inns
• Youth hostels
• Cabins
• Holiday resorts

How shall payment be effected for our stay?
In case of a reservation of a cabin or a room at the youth hostel/a holiday apartment you will normally receive a rental agreement directly from the accommodation facility. The payment details will be attached to the rental agreement. In case of an overnight stay at a hotel or an inn payment shall only be made upon arrival on site or upon departure. The hotel, inn and youth hostel reservation shall be confirmed by you by way of your credit card. Your credit card details will only be used for guaranteeing your reservation. The reservation form will be sent in an encrypted form via a secure SSL connection, so that there is no risk of any unauthorized persons reading your entries.

Please note!!! However, in case of a reservation of Hotel LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Pirates Inn and LEGOLAND Wild West Cottages & Camping payment shall be made in advance. The amount will be debited from the credit card indicated shortly after the reservation made. The amount cannot be reimbursed. We recommend you to also take out a cancellation insurance when completing the reservation form (will only be valid in case of illness).

What shall I do in case of a delayed arrival?
Hotels, inns and youth hostels will reserve your room until 6,00 p.m., unless otherwise agreed upon. After that the accommodation facility will be entitled to let the room otherwise. If you only arrive later than 6,00 p.m., it is crucial to inform the accommodation facility accordingly, as otherwise there is a risk of the room no longer being available for you. 

We are travelling together with several families and would like to have adjacent rooms. Is this possible?
If you travel together with several families, please indicate under „Remarks“ with whom you are travelling together
and that you would like to have rooms/cabins being as close together as possible. Or make your reservation under one and the same name, so that the accommodation facility understands that several persons are belonging together. It will then be attempted to accommodate all persons as close together as possible. However, no guarantee will be granted for the latter.

Will children under 3 years also be considered?
In general, all persons shall be considered, as in some accommodation facilities no overcrowding is permitted, regardless of whether the person being a child or an adult. Please send us an email to info@LEGOLANDholidays.dk
if you are hesitant.

In hotels where children under 3 years are accepted as an additional person, the child will stay free of charge in the parents´ bed, unless otherwise specified in the description. A child´s bed can often be made available at a small charge. No board is included in the price for children under 3 years, but shall directly be paid in the accommodation facility.

Do I need a camping pass if I intend to make a reservation on one of the camping sites?
Yes, for all Danish camping sites a camping pass is required, even for those within the LEGOLAND area. Should you be in possession of an international camping card, but not know exactly whether the latter will be accepted, you may ask on your arrival and buy a camping pass on site, if necessary.

What are the opening hours of the LEGOLAND Park?

Where can I park and how much does it cost?

Can I pay in foreign currencies in the LEGOLAND Park?
In the LEGOLAND Park you can pay in the following currencies: DKK, SEK, NOK, USD, EURO, GBP. For cash payments in foreign currencies any change will be given in Danish kroner. We do not accept any foreign currencies in coins.
All standard currencies can be changed with Danske Bank at the information desk at the entrance.

Can I borrow a wheelchair or a pushchair from LEGOLAND?
For borrowing a wheelchair please approach one of the LEGOLAND supervisors at the entrance or at the reception desk. A wheelchair can even be booked up to one month prior to your visit. For this purpose, please send us an email indicating your reservation number. We will then arrange to book the wheelchair. Please send the email to info@legolandholidays.dk
Please note: There is only a limited number of wheelchairs available at LEGOLAND.

You are certainly allowed to bring along your own pushchair. Nevertheless, it is also possible to rent a pushchair from LEGOLAND. The renting service for pushchairs is located at the entrance (limited number). The price is DKK 60.00 per day, including a deposit of DKK 10.00. You are requested to return the pushchair prior to leaving LEGOLAND. Your deposit of DKK 10.00 is reimbursed at the token coin machines.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that no trolleys can be rented from LEGOLAND. Nevertheless, you are allowed to bring along your own trolley. We reserve the right of any price/exchange rate changes.

Can I bring along my dog to LEGOLAND?
Your dog is welcome to LEGOLAND, however, in consideration of our other guests you are requested to collect any “waste”. At the entrance our supervisors hand out free dog waste bags. We would like to ask you to look after your dog at all times and to keep it on a leash (belt or fixed leash – no flexi-leash).

Your dog is welcome at all LEGOLAND restaurants –with the exception of the restaurant of Hotel LEGOLAND.

Dogs are not allowed to be taken on any rides and may not be left behind in an unattended way.
In the LEGOLAND Park you will find water bowls of fresh water for your dog at the toilet building and at the drinking water fountain between the LEGO® Shop and Kids Wear.

I have an attendant´s card. Can I book through you using this card and get any discounts?
Unfortunately, we cannot see our way in granting attendants any discounts. You are requested to directly make a reservation with the accommodation facility where you would like to stay. In case of a visit without any overnight stay you are requested to directly contact LEGOLAND for the attendant´s access: Tel.: +45 7533 1244 or Email: info@legoland.dk



Is there a transportation option available from Billund Airport?
Public transport can be used from Billund Airport to the respective accommodation facilities, please look at www.rejseplanen.dk During the high season from approx. beginning of July to mid-August there is a free shuttle bus available between all accommodation facilities in Billund, Billund Airport and LEGOLAND. The timetable is available in your accommodation facility.



Is there a transportation option available between the accommodation facility and LEGOLAND?
During the high season from approx. beginning of July to mid-August there is a shuttle bus available between the respective accommodation facilities in Billund and LEGOLAND. Please look at www.rejseplanen.dk for the timetables of the public transport from any accommodation facilities in the area to LEGOLAND.