Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel - Vejen
There are plenty of attractions in the area around Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel with interest in the whole family. For example is LEGOLAND located only 35 km. from Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel, and with easy access to the highway E-20.
Incl. 2 days of your own choice in LEGOLAND
30 kmfrom LEGOLAND
Incl. breakfast
Free parking
4.6 of 5
(4 ratings)


  • LEGOLAND 30 km
  • Airport 35 km
  • Distance to LEGOLAND (min.) 30


  • Suitable for disabled


  • Activity room/Play room


Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel
Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel is located in sporty surroundings, where activities and facilities applies to the entire family. Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel is part of Vejen Sportscenter, which is one of the biggest sports centers in Denmark. All rooms contain bathroom, TV and free WIFI. We offer single rooms, family sized rooms (4 persons), and two suits. 

Bring your sports bag and buy a sports pass, which allows you free access to all sport activities. A sports pass gives you access to pool- and wellness area, our big gym and the chance to try one of our fitness classes, such as indoor cycling, Easy Line, racket-sport (badminton, tennis or racketball) or trampolines.

At Sportshotellet’s coffee zone you will find free coffee or water for all our guests. Monday till Thursday we offer you dinner à la carte in the sports restaurant, in the hours between 18.00-21.00. The menu changes, fitting the seasons of the year. You can find the current menu at under the tab “café”. There is an indoor play-area for kids at Sportshotel Vejen.

There are plenty of attractions in the area around Sportshotel Vejen with interest in the whole family. For example is LEGOLAND located only 35 km. from Sportshotel Vejen, and with easy access to the highway E-20. In our local area, we offer you Vejen museum of art, Enghave deer- and nature park, Sønderskov manor and others. You will find help to more attractions in our reception. 

In a 10 minutes walk from Sportscenter Danmark - Hotel, you will find Vejens shopping street, holding specialty shops of every kind and a nice environment - you will find a pathway leading you directly from the hotel to the center of town.

We aim to give our guests the best experience.

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4.6/ 5,0
Based on 4 ratings
  • Arrival from 15:00 o'clock. Departure no later than 10:00 o'clock.
  • The tickets are sent to you by e-mail when you have booked. Therefore you have access to LEGOLAND when the park opens at 10 a.m.
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